HAECHI. An Unexpected Blogging Journey

Being ethnically Korean, I grew up watching Korean dramas since the time I learned to talk. Watching these shows taught me so much about my culture and shaped my identity. I also enjoyed reading and at times, writing. But I lacked discipline to write anything specific.

At the beginning of this millennium, I heard of the Korean wave. Oh wow! Growing in South America, many people didn’t even know a country called Korea even existed. I was called Chinese or Japanese. “COREA? DONDE QUEDA ESO?” (“Is Korea a county?”) But now, the world seemed interested in knowing more about this tiny peninsula, the underdog of East Asia. Proudly, I helped translate some dramas and articles and would post them in korean drama sites such as soompi.com or in my old Xanga account (don’t even remember what it was). After I got married though, I stopped my k drama frenzy. I would watch dramas sporadically, but nothing too deep.

During the 2020 world pandemic, unexpectedly staying home with lots of extra free time, I went back to my old hobby: watching Korean Dramas. At first, it was to kill time. Just binge watching.

A few impressed me and grabbed my interest. CRASH LANDING ON YOU (with Hyunbin). ONE SPRING NIGHT (with Jung Hae In). I AM NOT A ROBOT (with Yoo Seung Ho). Then, I started to get inspired. Like craving to write.

Actually, I watched Yoo Seung Ho grow up. I remember watching him in many dramas as a child actor. When I recently watched him, as an adult actor, I was so impressed. He turned out very fine, and he had depth in his acting (20 years under his belt). He had soulful eyes that spoke thousands of emotions. So yes, I got hooked — on the actor Yoo Seung Ho. I checked most of his recent works, and even if I wasn’t too happy about the quality of his shows, I would be grinning, satisfied to see Yoo Seung Ho in action. I was like this for many months, unable to watch anything without him.

That is, until I watched HAECHI. And then, something else happened. I was reminded of a crush I had (11 years ago) on an actor called JUNG IL WOO who played in THE RETURN OF ILJIMAE. But he was no longer the naughty pretty boy he portrayed there. He has matured. He could go from looking helplessly vulnerable to strong and commanding, from clueless fool to wise and understanding. He could look so hurt you want to cuddle him, to sexy leader… Oh dear!!! Where’s the fan! I can’t say he is the greatest actor. But he surely is charismatic, with his sarcastic crooked smile which has become his signature.

I searched for more information about Jung Il Woo and about Haechi. But having joined the party a year too late, I couldn’t find active forums on this drama. And sadly, this drama did not create the expected buzz. So here I am, to create the buzz it deserves. I am starting this blogging journey. Mainly about HAECHI. But also about everything JUNG IL WOO. And any k-drama things.

Even is it’s just a little splash. Like Haechi so well said: Let us work hard to create a better world, even if that is an unrealistic dream. Let us push forward, even knowing that we are doom to fail. Because politics (and life) is all about advancing towards an unreachable utopia, without giving up. And if we eventually give up (fail), let that be at a much later time. At the time to say good bye.

Let me know if you would like to join with me in this small journey…

I want to thank JUNG IL WOO DELIGHTS for compiling so much information and pictures about our favorite actor. Please, check this site: http://JUNG ILWOO DELIGHTS: https://jungilwoodelights.com

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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