HAECHI: Random Ranting, Epi 3-4

I love stories of underdogs who triumph against all odds. Prince Yeoning is the epitome of an underdog.  Having a mother from the lowest caste in Joseon society, in an era where family background determined one’s worth and destiny, he surely was not acknowledged as a true Prince by most of the upper class noblesContinue reading “HAECHI: Random Ranting, Epi 3-4”

HAECHI Overview.  “What Is Your Name?” Epi 3-4

Tan:  “Oh how cute! I feel sorry killing him.” Geum: “Then let her go, she’s a girl. (Drinking tea, nonchalant.)  Don’t you have any pride? How can you hurt a lady?” “A girl?” “Fight me instead.” Yeoji: “Excuse me.   What’re you trying to do?” Tan: “This is a girl? So are you trying to showContinue reading “HAECHI Overview.  “What Is Your Name?” Epi 3-4″