When I first watched this drama, I was just happy to see Jung Ilwoo on screen. And what better character than an underdog Prince who becomes one of the greatest kings of Korea? In the eyes of Cho Hong, the lowly Prince’s traveling companion: Who is this mysterious man? He had a naughty smile butContinue reading “HAECHI: RANDOM RANTING, EPISODES 1-2”

HAECHI Overview. The Lowly Prince: Episodes 1-2

It was the year 1719. King Sukjong was dying but he tried to keep this a secret. His first born and heir, Crown Prince Hwiso, was unable to conceive, so the political leaders were looking for another successor to the throne. There was lots of infighting among different factions. The strongest party (Norons) led byContinue reading “HAECHI Overview. The Lowly Prince: Episodes 1-2”