(A SHORT REVIEW) This drama is based on the real life story of Yi Geum, Prince Yeoning, during his early years of reign. He becomes king Yeongjo, 21st king of Joseon (present Korea) in 1724 and reigns for 52 years. This character is played by Jung Ilwoo. In the background of this drama stands theContinue reading “HAECHI. GUARDIAN OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE”

HAECHI. An Unexpected Blogging Journey

Being ethnically Korean, I grew up watching Korean dramas since the time I learned to talk. Watching these shows taught me so much about my culture and shaped my identity. I also enjoyed reading and at times, writing. But I lacked discipline to write anything specific. At the beginning of this millennium, I heard ofContinue reading “HAECHI. An Unexpected Blogging Journey”