HAECHI Overview.  “What Is Your Name?” Epi 3-4

Tan:  “Oh how cute! I feel sorry killing him.”

Geum: “Then let her go, she’s a girl. (Drinking tea, nonchalant.)  Don’t you have any pride? How can you hurt a lady?”

“A girl?”

“Fight me instead.”

Yeoji: “Excuse me.   What’re you trying to do?”

Tan: “This is a girl? So are you trying to show off?”

Geum (Throwing the empty cup, he pulls out his bow and arrow):  “Men are all the same.  It’s my duty to protect a lady.”

Tan: “With just one bow? Do you think these men are just decoration?”

Geum (pointing at Tan): “I just need to hit one target.” 

Yeoji: “Stay out of this.  Are you so desperate to die together?”

Geum: “No way.  We’re not in that kind of a relationship, are we?

Tan (nervously): “Are you mad?  You’re not going to shoot, right?”

Geum:  “I am.” He points the arrow upwards and shoots midair.

Tan (Hiding behind a man, screaming like a child. Then…): “He missed? You idiot, you scared me for nothing!”

Yeoji: “Are you out of your mind?  You cannot even shoot an arrow. Then why would you…?”

Geum: “Hey there. Are you good at running?” Suddenly, there is a strange noise.

Man: “Why do I hear a strange noise?”

Tan: “What’s that noise? What?” 

Voice screaming: “It’s a wild boar!”

Tan and his men are running away excitedly.  The boar was hurt by Geum’s arrow and hits a tree.

Geum: “It’s a big one, isn’t it?  Tan, your golden frog is mine!”

Tan: “You crazy bastard!” Tan and his men are trying to avoid the wild boar.

Geum, offering a hand to Yeoji:  “Now, run!”

Yeoji (taking out Tan’s secret box):  “Wait, I need to take this.” They run away together.

Tan:  “Catch them. Get those bastards!”

Geum and Yeoji hide behind some trees. 

Geum:  “I’ll lure them away while you escape.”

Yeoji:  “Are you telling me to escape by myself?  Are you kidding?”

“I didn’t save you because you’re pretty.  I am curious of what is inside that box.  We both want the same thing.  Let us meet at 9:30 pm at the Gisaeng’s House.”

“Can you handle them on your own? Is that ok?”  She looks at Geum’s privates.

Geum (Defiantly): “Thanks to you, yes! You hit me so lightly.”

“I saw you limping while we were running.”

Geum (Annoyed): “I wasn’t!

“There’s no way you’d be ok after being hit by me.” She throws a stick at him. “Use this.  And be there at 9:30 pm.  I don’t want to be the only one who gets away safely from here.” 

Geum calls the men out and starts running towards them.  Yeoji runs towards the opposite direction.

Geum is fighting a dozen men by himself while Tan grabs a sword, ready to fight him. “Get out!” he yells. 

The men stand back while Tan jumps in.  Geum defends himself with his bow. Turning around, he pushes Tan’s sword away.  Tan falls, nose-bleeding.

Voice: “My Lord the Prince!”

Geum (Holding his bow as a weapon against Tan):  “Do you know what your problem is? You don’t get that you are a retard.”

Tan (Looking at the blood in his hand): “Prince Yeoning, how dare you make me nosebleed!  To your future king!”

Royal Announcement:  “His Majesty is here!”

Everyone bows down to the floor except the two princes.  They look down in reverence to the king. Prince Yeonryeong and Minister Min are with the king’s procession.

Geum (weakly): “Your Majesty…”

King:  “I heard I’d watch something interesting at this hunting trip.  You were right, Lord Min.  This is something I’ve never witnessed before.”

Lord Min:  “I’m sure they have their reasons, Your Majesty.”

Tan:  “Your Majesty, I can explain…”

King:  “No, there’s no need for it.  I could tell what happened. (Looking at Geum) It’s you again.  Of course. It’s always you…”

Geum looks dejected.  Yeoji watches the whole thing from afar.


Moonsoo is telling Ahbong that the man who took the substitute test got the highest score in the Civil Exam.  Moonsoo is shocked, wondering how a playboy looking man stinking to alcohol, and using an old brush could get first place in the exam. 

Ahbong:  “That means he has talents and looks. Maybe he is a lowlife?  Why would a skilled man like him substitute test for someone else?”

Moonsoo:  “This is so fishy!  And on top of that, Ro Taepyung disappeared!”

Nearby, a man dressed like a commoner is having soup while the shop owner gives him some money.  “This is for last month’s rent.  Please, give me more time…”

Dalmoon:  “If you give me all you have, how are you going to survive?”  He only takes a little bit of that money and tips the man on where he can get better anchovies for the soup.

Soon after, overhearing Moonsoo and his friend’s conversation, he tells a subordinate to find out who they are.


The Prime Minister is summoned to Saheonbu for interrogation. 

Minister Kim (looking a Jeonseok):  “So you’re the one who dared to call me here?” 

The leaders of Saheonbu are apologizing to the Minister and trying to make him comfortable, ignoring Inspector Han.


A royal officer is questioning Geum for the hunting fiasco.  Geum is telling him that he was bored and tired of playing with women.  So, he tried dressing a girl into a man to calm his sexual orientation.  “Is my orientation making you uncomfortable?”  And he tells him that, if he cares for the royal family’s reputation, he better bury this incident.

When the king hears this report, he calls his son a total loser.


Lord Min (to Hwon): “My Lord the Prince, are you waiting for Prince Yeoning?”

Hwon:  “Minister of Personnel.”

Lord Min:  “You must be worried, My Lord the Prince.  Prince Yeoning, who is close to you, humiliated His Lordship Prince Milpoong.  There must be consequences to his actions.”

Soon after, a man is arguing with Lord Min just as Geum walks towards them:  “What you’re saying is ridiculous!  How dare you insinuate My Lord the Prince was trying to harm Prince Milpoong through Prince Yeoning?”

Hwon: “Lower your voice my Lord, we are inside of the Palace. (to Lord Min) Do not use today’s incident as an excuse for political strife.  One more thing:  It is His Lordship Prince Yeoning!  My brother is not just Prince Yeoning.”

Lord Min: “Indeed, you are too considerate towards others.  This has always been a source of disappointment for me.”

“Your disappointment is none of my concern.”

“Since we speak different languages, we cannot work together.  A king never works alone, I must say…” Bowing to the Prince, the old Minister walks away, followed by his party men.

Hwon (looking at Geum): “Hyungnim…”


Geum (informally) “I’ve been a troublemaker all my life.  But now, you are being falsely accused because of me.  I am sorry.” 

Hwon (formally): “It wasn’t your fault.  Don’t worry about it.”

“You should learn to blame others sometimes. That is politics. You have no political skills.  (Hwon just smiles) Minister of Personnel Min Jinwon…  why don’t you work together with him?”


“Hwon, politics is a numbers game.  In the end the stronger…”

“That is not right.  We have a Crown Prince.”

“You know he will be replaced. If you lose this fight, the only thing that remains for you is… death.”

“Even so, I cannot hold hands with those Norons who are ignoring royal decrees and looking only after their party’s gain.” 

Geum:  “I knew it…  That is how you are.  (pause) Tan’s Death Journal.  You have heard of it too, haven’t you? They say Tan is going around killing people.” 

“How did you know that?”

“Perhaps…  I may be able to expose Tan’s weaknesses.  I might be able to do something useful after all.” 


Yeoji unlocks the box and is disappointed to find just dried leaves and flowers inside.  She curses at herself for having risked her life for just that.  Inspector Han comforts her telling her that she could not find the Death Journal because surely, it was not there.

Yeoji goes outside ready to punch someone.  Ahbong apologizes to her for bothering but he has a request.  Can she help Sir Moonsoo look for a man who took a substitute test during Civil Entrance Exam?

Yeoji: “What for?”

Ahbong: “You know how busybody Sir Moonsoo is.”   (He shows Yeoji the drawing of Yi Geum).

“What? Are you sure it’s him?”

“According to Sir Moonsoo, his name is Ro Taepyung.”

Yeoji recognizes that name as the uncle of the murdered victims so she demands to see Sir Moonsoo right away.


Yi Geum is reflecting on the King’s words of disapproval to him, with heavy shoulders.   

Yeoji: “You really made it here alive.”

Geum: “You too, I see that you are a thief that keeps her promise.”


Geum (opening the box): “Flowers?”

Yeoji: “I’m not trying to fool you. I know it’s hard to believe…”

“Actually, I believe it. He is a total nut case.”

“You must know him well.”

“You must have been greatly disappointed.”

“We cannot always win. By the way… What is your name?  What do you do? Seeing that you got out of that mess unscathed, you must have quite a title.”

“Do you want to exchange names? Of course, you may want to know who this handsome man is, but I refuse. Neither will I ask who you are.”

“I’m Chun Yeoji. Not a thief, but an assistant Damo from Saheonbu.”

“A Damo?”

“And most probably… you are Prince Yeoning? (speaking formally for the first time) You are His Majesty’s 2nd son, My Lord Prince Yeoning, aren’t You?

“You are quite bold. But since we finished with our business, let us part.”


As Guem is leaving the Gisaeng’s House, Moonsoo stands in his way, yelling.

Moonsoo:  “Where are you going, Mr. 52-year-old Roh Taepyung? I finally found you, you rat! Thank you Yeoji! You are the man!”


Minister Min is greeted by Yoonyoung (Prince Milpoong’s lover) and she asks him to be nice to her Prince, since he is like a child, overly sensitive.  He in turn warns her that even if Prince Milpoong becomes king, there is no way a prostitute would become his Queen.


Tan is breaking everything in rage while all the Noron Ministers watches, unable to intervene.  Minister Min walks inside.

Tan: “Prince Yeoning is set free! Can’t you even take care of that?!”

Lord Min:  “It is the royal family’s business. It is better to look over this.”

“Better? For whom?” Grabbing a porcelain cup in defiance, “He insulted me. What did any of you do?  What is the use of all these things here?  Wait and see.  When I become the king…  Do you think that Prince Yeonryeong will be the only one I’d kill? I will wipe out every useless being!” Lord Min slaps him and he falls hard on the floor.

Lord Min:  “I’ll have a serious talk with Prince Milpoong. Please, wait outside.”

Continuing, “Did you know how the present king ruled?  With the pretext of restoring order, he replaced the governing rulers every year. He destroyed much of the nobility to centralize his power.  No such king should come to power again.  Such a person must never be a king.  And never again…  look down on us the Norons!”  Tan nods in agreement, shaken.


Moonsoo is grabbing Geum’s neck, ready to hit.

Geum:  “Why don’t we just talk? Losing your temper makes you look ignorant.”

Moonsoo (pushing Geum):  “Heaven and earth knows I am ignorant. But now everyone will know of your misdeeds, you bastard!”

Yeoji:  “Go easy on him, and do not curse, please.”

Moonsoo:  “What are you talking about?  I’m barely holding onto my desire to punch him with my self-control.”

Yeoji (speaking formally):  “How do you know Roh Tae Pyung? Why did you take a substitute test for him?”

Geum:  “Roh Taepyung?  Substitute test?  I’m quite smart, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Moonsoo (grabbing Geum’s neck again):  “I knew it!  He is pretending ignorance.  You son of a *b*…  I saw you at the civil exam with my own eyes.”

Yeoji (to Moonsoo):  “You will get in trouble.  I told you to take it easy on him.”

Moonsoo:  “This isn’t working.  A man like him needs a good beating to get him to confess.” He is looking for some logs to beat up the Prince.

Yeoji:  “Roh Taepyung is the uncle of Yoon Yoouk who died last month. My Lord the Prince… that woman was raped by Prince Milpoong, whom you know well.”

Geum: “Prince Milpoong raped someone?”

Moonsoo: “What did you call that bastard?”

Yeoji:  “Yoon Yoouk apparently killed herself. But at Saheonbu, we consider this a murder case linked to Prince Milpoong.”

Moonsoo: “Yeoji, don’t you hear me?  What did you call that jerk? My Lord the Prince?”

Yeoji:  “Please answer me, My Lord the Prince.  How do you know Roh Taepyung? Where is he now?”

Moonsoo: “No way…”

Geum (to Moonsoo):  “That’s right, I’m a Prince.”

Moonsoo: “Really?”

Geum: “So you should know that people like you have no rights to question anything I do.” Moonsoo is in shock. “Likewise, if what she says is true, a substitute test can be easily covered. The royalty is particularly good at these things. Now that you know, I want you to leave me alone.  I will forgive today’s indecency magnanimously.”  He leaves.

Yeoji:  “He can escape because he is a Prince? *curse country*”

Moonsoo:  “Is he really a Prince?  That Playboy looking?”

“He’s Prince Yeoning, the king’s second son.”

“Why are you telling me this now, you should have told me before.”

“I did.  Not to curse, and to go easy on him.”

“You should have been more direct.  To be careful because that son of a *b* is a Prince.”

“I’m sure he knows something. Why is he digging up Prince’s Milpoong’s secrets?”

“I am forever doomed now! I didn’t even pass the civil exam but the road to success is already blocked.”


King Sukjong is drinking his medicine while Minister Min stands by.

Lord Min Jinwon:  “You have been taking your medicine more frequently lately.”

King: “I saw you gloating inside. This so-called king will die soon.”

“That’s not true, Your Majesty.”

“Will Prince Milpoong be suitable to be a king despite his wild temper?”

“Kings are also human.  It’s natural for a king to have flaws.”

“It sounds to me that you don’t care if a scandalmonger gets in the throne, as long as the Norons get the upper-hand.”

“A good man doesn’t always make a good king.  Did you have bad intentions when you put all those people to death?”

“They were necessary evil. To bring stability to the nation.”

“Or your way to get back at those who went against you.  I trust Prince Milpoong will govern wisely if we advise him properly.”

“You are set on supporting Prince Milpoong.  I am aware of the rumors about Tan’s Death Journal; that Prince Milpoong goes around killing people.”

Lord Min:  “Nothing’s been confirmed.  What evidence do you have?”


Prince Milpoong is beating up Kaedol for letting his substitute test taker to get the highest score.  Kaedol complains that he just followed instructions, but Tan tells him that, as situation changed, he should have been flexible and adjusted accordingly. 

They are surrounded with his minions, and Dalmoon is waiting on Kaedol.  Tan orders Kaedol to bring him the head of the substitute test taker by tonight. He wants to get rid of all witnesses. 

Once outside, one of his men tells him that if Ro Tapyung, who won first place, doesn’t show up at the initiation, there will be lots of talk. Tan kicks him for ‘teaching him what he already knows,’ and he blames this man for not stopping him from killing the old man.  “Roh Taepyung, that scumbag.  I helped him pass the civil exam.  Why did he ask for money and made me mad, ruining everything? (worried) Minister Min told me not to get into any more trouble.”


Jadong informs Geum that Roh Taepyung did not show up at the initiation ceremony and it made a big conmotion.  Geum is putting all the puzzles together.

Jadong: “What’s going on, My Lord the Prince? You aren’t doing anything dangerous, are you?”

Geum: “I will tell you later.  Right now, I want you to…”

Suddenly, Moonsoo shows up, greeting him loudly.  “Wow, this is a huge house.  You truly are a Royalty.”



Yeoji updates her latest findings to Inspector Han and Company.  She thinks Prince Yeoning may be the key to unravel the truth. 

Jeonseok:  “Those aren’t enough reasons for us to investigate Prince Yeoning.”

Yeoji:  “That’s why Sir Moonsoo is on the move.”


Moonsoo:  “If I had known that you’re a Lord Prince, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time.”

Geum:  “If you want to apologize for yesterday, forget it.  I won’t make a big fuzz of it.”

“Why should I apologize.  It’s someone else who committed a crime.”


“I must make a big fuzz over you, My Lord the Prince.”

Geum (sigh):  “Until when do you plan to follow me?”

“Till the truth gets revealed and justice flows like a river!”

“You could spend your time more wisely.”

“What do you mean?  Is there any worthier endeavor than this?  Think about it.  You would have been arrested have you been an ordinary man. But someone is getting away due to royal privileges. Life shouldn’t be this unfair.”

“You’re so short-sighted.  That’s the reality.”

“My Lord the Prince may think so since you’re very high-up in society. But that is not how I think.  Those who sin should be punished accordingly, whoever that is.”

“You’re not too smart, and obstinate as a mule. On top of that, you are reckless.  In many ways, you are an interesting personality.  But I disagree with you.  You will now learn how life is full of inequalities.”  (He hops unto his horse) 

“My Lord the Prince!”

“If you wish to follow me, go ahaed.”  He rides away.

Moonsoo tries to buy a horse but the only one he can afford is a donkey.


Geum:  “Prince Milpoong ordered you to kill me?”

Kaedol:  “How would he know that you are the substitute test taker, My Lord the Prince? He thinks you’re an ordinary man.”

“How about Roh Taepyung.  I heard he disappeared.  Did Prince Milpoong kill him also?”

“Don’t ask me questions! I do not wish to know! Please, hide away for a little while. I’ll find you a ship that leaves today.”

“Hide away?”

“I’ll hand him the head of a dead beggar.  Please, do as I say. Until things quite down.”

Geum (sparkle in his eyes): “Will things quite down?” Not if he can help it.


The street troubadour finishes telling his stories.  He dismisses the crowd.  Cho Hong shows up and whispers to him “the most interesting story he’s ever heard.”

Geum:  “Did you tell him the story?”

Cho Hong:  “Exactly as you told me.  He looked so scared; his jaw dropped.”


Dalmoon, the leader of beggars and street merchants, reads the stories written on the pamphlets.   “A woman gave this to you?” 

Troubadour: “Yes, I’ve never seen her before.  We should ignore this, shouldn’t we? We might get in big trouble…”

Dalmoon:  “No, tell the entire story.  With all the details.  I will help you flee the city in case there’s trouble.  Tell this at the marketplace, at the well side, at the washing river, at the port…  Make everyone talk about this.”

Next day, the troubadour tells the story of the young widow who got impregnated, whom a prince killed to stop the scandal.  She had an uncle who recently passed the Civil Entrance Exam in first place.  But he too was killed by the prince.  That is why he did not show up at the Initiation Ceremony. 

Everyone’s talking about this story and saying that if Prince Milpoong really goes around murdering people, he shouldn’t be the next king.


Lord Min walks inside in anger. “Tell Prince Milpoong I need to see him!”


King Sukjong is reading a report.  He orders to have a thorough investigation. “And tell Prince Yeoning to come see me.”

Officer:  “Yes?  Not Prince Yeonryeong, but Prince Yeoning?”

King:  “Yes, Prince Yeoning.  Geum.”


Geum thanks Tan for the ‘beautiful’ golden frog.  “I will use it well when I play around.”

Tan: “And do you call yourself a prince? You are a shame to the royal family.”

Geum:  “What are you talking about?  Lately, there is another prince who is more popular:  You.  Have you heard of the rumors spreading in the marketplace?  That is your story, isn’t it”

“What are you babbling about?”

Geum (coming closer):  “Did you get rid of the body properly?  Be careful, Tan. If the body is found, instead of to the throne… you will go to the execution site.”

Tan (pointing a knife at Geum’s neck):  “Stop barking nonsense.  What is up with you? Everyone trembles in front of me, but how dare you insult me like this?”

“I have nothing to lose. Plus, you are an idiot.”

“If I become the king, you’ll be the first I will tear to pieces.”

Geum: “OMG, I’m so scared!” (twisting Tan’s wrist) “I will look forward to such a day.”

Tan:  “You son of a *b*!”


Yeoji is informing the inspectors how the rumour is spreading fast and far. 

Jeonseok: “Sounds like Prince Milpoong’s story.”

Yeoji:  “There is more to it.  It says Roh Taepyung is dead.”

Ahbong:  “Is he really dead?”

Yeoji:  “Knowing Prince Milpoong, it is quite possible.”

Jeonseok:  “Then, we should find the body.”

Inspector Han’s wife and son walk inside, telling them to have dinner and call it a day.  Yeoji is gardening as per Inspector Han’s wife’s instructions.  Yeoji is thinking out-loud, wondering where she could find Roh Taepyung’s body.  The flowers overflow with too much water.  She looks at the flowers, startled. A thought flashes in her mind.

She rushes inside to opens Tan’s secret box, looking at all the dried leaves and flowers.  “This crazy bastard Prince Milpoong!  These were the trophies he kept after each murder.  That’s why he collected them.”  She feels one leaf is still a little humid. “Could it be…”


Geum is chasing a group of men, hiding behind.  His bow set hits a tree and falls.  The men turn around, checking where the noise came from.  Geum tries to reach for his bow but it’s out of reach.  We hear a howling sound. 

Man: “Let’s go.  We don’t have time.”

After breathing deeply in relief, Geum looks for his bow but it disappeared.  Moonsoo jumps in.

Geum: “You startled me!”

Moonsoo:  “Were you looking for this?  I am good at making animal noises. (Howling) Sounds the same, right?”

“How did you get here?”

“You told me to follow you if I wished.  I am competitive, you know.  Looks like I won this time, so tell me now.  What are you doing?  Why are you chasing those men?”

“Continue following me if you want.  Then maybe you’ll find what you’ve been earnestly searching.”

Man: “Hurry.  We must finish before daybreak.”

Moonsoo:  “What are they?  Why are they digging this late at night?”

Geum:  “I think they’re transferring a corpse.”

“Corpse?  Roh…  Roh Taepyung?!”

“Can you move away from me?  And lower your voice?”

Moonsoo (whispering):  “Are you talking about Roh-Tae-pyung?”

“Are you nuts?  Why are you blowing into my ear?”

“You told me to lower my voice.  You’re really weird.”

Geum:  “Wait.  What’s that?” 

They see a torchlight coming towards the men.  The men hide.  It is Yeoji, checking a tree with leaves similar to the one she found inside the box.  She starts digging with her hands.  One man is about to swing a sword towards Yeoji from behind her.  Geum shoots an arrow hitting the man.  He screams. 

Yeoji is surrounded by the men.  They start fighting.  Moonsoo joins her.  Geum shoots arrows from far behind, slowly but concisely.  “He struck the target in this dark?”  Moonsoo is shocked. 

The men retreat.  Yeoji stoops down and continues digging with her hands.  They see a face of a dead man.  Moonsoo wants to vomit seeing the face.  Yeoji finds a name tag:  Roh Taepyung. 


Geum is calling out Jadong’s name, with urgency.  He sees the Royal Secretary waiting for him in his house and he stands still.


Lord Min is telling Inspector Wi to prove to the Norons how capable he is. 


Geum bows to the King.

King:  “Seeing how late you are, you must have gone on another drinking errand.  You know where we are standing, don’t you?”

Geum:  “I have never expected you to summon me here, Your Majesty.”

“Did I hurt your feelings for calling you to your late mother’s Chambers?”

“Forgive me…”

“You did not cry.  When you were born here, seeing that you did not cry, your mother and the royal physician turned pale in fear.  But I thought then that it might be better if you died. Or if you were born as a princess.  How can a prince born of a lowly maid live to the fullest?  Who in the world would treat you as a real prince?”

Geum (angrily): “What do you want to hear from me? Forgive me for not dying on that day? Or…”

King:  “Are you satisfied now? For destroying yourself as I had feared. Are you happy now?  You could have lived differently.  Even if there’s low-born blood flowing in half your veins, you could have lived the way you really wanted. But why are you wasting your life away?  Is this the only way you could live?”

“It’s because I am smart.  Why do I live like this? Yes…  (raising his voice) I am so very smart, this is the only way I could live, Your Majesty!  Even if I want to do something, there is nothing I can do.  I rather fool around and be a troublemaker.”

King: “That’s right.  That is how you were, Prince Yeoning.  You were bright and intuitive.  That is why it hurt me more.  Every time I saw a king’s treat in you…”

Geum (holding his tears):  “Why are you doing this? If you’re saying this because of my irreverent joke…”

“I will die soon, Prince Yeoning. Before I die, can’t you show the world the good treats I saw in you?  Can you restrain yourself and show the world the honorable person you can be?”

“Your Majesty…” 

As he walks home, Yi Geum recalls the king’s words:  “That’s why it hurt me more. Every time I found a king’s treat in you…  I will die soon, Prince Yeoning.”



Geum finds Yeoji, Moonsoo and Inspector Han waiting for him.  Han Jeonseok requests that Prince Yeoning testify that he was the substitute exam taker for Roh Tae Pyung, at the instructions of Prince Milpoong.  That is the only way Saheonbu can summon Yi Tan.

Geum: “What if I can’t testify? What will you do?”

Jeonseok:  “Didn’t you dig into Prince Milpoong’s doings because you know of his crimes?  That person might become the next king.”

“What’s that to me?  You are so naive…  Why would I testify?  If I do that, my crimes will be revealed also.”

“Then why did you…?”

“Why did I get myself involved? Because I was bored.  I wanted to have some fun scaring Prince Milpoong, that’s all.”

Jeonseok and Co. are unceremoniously escorted outside of the house.  Moonsoo (yelling towards the door):  “My Prince the Lord!  Please come out.  How could you do this?  Why are you taking your hands off this now?”

Yeoji:  “Don’t bother with him.  Let’s do it on our own. Let’s go.”

Moonsoo: “And I have thought you were a real man. But you are all the same, sticking to your own kind.  The cows will yawn, and the dogs will laugh.” He spits to the ground.


Geum:  “What kind of man is Han Jeonseok?”

Jadong:  “I found out he’s a brave and loyal Inspector at Saheonbu. He’s a Noron but he keeps his distance with the leaders of Saheonbu.”

“But he’s just an idealist.  The Noron’s overtook Saheonbu.  He has no power to do anything there by himself.”

Jadong:  “There is someone else…”

“Who? This lowly and powerless Prince? You…  are still such a dreamer.”

“And I hope that you, My Lord the Prince, will continue just dreaming without going any further. I don’t want you to get disheartened like me, by unrealistic ideals that can never be fulfilled.”


Inspector Wi is promoted to the post of Saheonbu’s Team Leader.  He suggests to the Noron Chiefs that they must open a Supreme Court Case and put Inspector Han in charge.  Han Jeonseok must then show proof of Prince Milpoong’s guilt in front of everyone.  If he does not have proof, we can charge him of slander. 

Inspector Han is discussing with other Saheonbu inspectors.  They tell him it may be too risky for him.  But he’s willing to go all in.


Cho Hong sits next to Geum’s small drinking table.  “You didn’t drink at all?  Didn’t you want to get yourself drunk?”

Geum: “Should I get myself drunk on wine… or on dreams? I’m still undecided.”

Cho Hong (pouring wine):  “Here, make up your mind soon.  And have fun.  Like you’re used to.”

Geum, grabbing the cup, he puts it in his mouth. He stops.  He recalls his father’s prompting:  “Can you restrain yourself and show the world the honorable person you can be?”


Jeonseok is explaining everything Prince Milpoong is accused of.  Saheonbu leaders is asking him to show them proof.  Jeonseok tells them there is a witness, a man who took a substitute test in Roh Taepyung’s place.  When the leaders demand to know who this witness is, the inspector tells them the identities of witnesses should be protected by law.

Jeonseok:  “Don’t you all know that Prince Milpoong is a criminal?  There was a time when people called Saheonbu Inspectors, Haechi.  They believed we were impartial and just, no matter who we were dealing with.  But look at yourselves now. You only care for personal gains, hiding the truth.  A poor citizen died at the hands of a powerful man.  People still look up to us, desperately hoping we will fight for their rights.  Can we stand up for what is right?”

Chief Lee:  “Stop insulting Saheonbu.  You are plotting to bring Prince Milpoong down.  If not, bring me the witness.  Then, I will let you take on Prince Milpoong.  Where is that so-called witness you are talking about?  Answer me!”

Other leader:  “There is no need to continue listening.  If you cannot reveal the witness, this is a false accusation. We must punish Inspector Han for libel!”

The door opens abruptly. 

Geum (lazily):  “Oh My!  How can this be?  That so-called witness…  is here.”


You can WATCH free at Kocowa:


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